Consider the Benefits

  • lowers salinity in the soil hence grows healthy plants in saline water.
  • improved water penetration results in fast penetration of calcium and the soil doesn’t gets binded up.
  • water usage is reduced.
  • increased plant and crop growth, greater yields.
  • reduces leaf burn.
  • less fertilizers required.
  • reduces the effects of salts and minerals in all water.
  • stops scale and corrosion of water systems.
  • drip irrigation doesn’t gets choke hence hence the drip line stays cleaner.
  • As the scaling is removed ball valves and taps operate smoothly
  • inhibits algae growth in stock troughs and tanks remains cleaner
  • provides a more useable water supply.
  • Turn scale into beneficial nutrients
  • Reduce dependence on chemicals
  • Lower fertiliser costs
  • Healthy livestock on bore water


After installation of agrismart, minerals are dissolved and remain in the flow as smaller particles that will pass through any dripper, filter or spray nozzle, ensuring even irrigation to individual blocks and rows. The first bonds to be broken are those between the pipe work and the scale, which can sometimes break off in lumps and flow towards the end of the irrigation system, making it important to flush out the broken down scale during the first few weeks of the de-scaling process. Conventional treatments require the use of acid which ends up in the soil. By contrast, with Agrismart there are no harmful chemical additions to the soil, so soil health remains robust. Treating an irrigation system with agrismart provides savings in maintenance costs relating to labour and consumables.




Through treatment, tiny mineral particles in your water become bio-available as a plant nutrient, giving a double benefit. Iron, calcium, magnesium, and iron build-up in pipes is released, and is simultaneously converted into available nutrients. Treating an irrigation system with agrismart provides considerable savings in the maintenance costs associated with labour and consumables. This treatment of borewater lessens the quantity of fertiliser required to grow crops successfully, and so the business bottom line also benefits.


Many improvements in plant growth have been observed whenever agrismart is used to treat irrigation systems. Essential minerals in the water and soil such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, which are essential for healthy plant growth are now available to be easily absorbed into the plant. Calcium, a key nutrient, is easily transported throughout the plant, eliminating growing problems, whilst improving fresh weight, taste, colour and shelf life. Chemical treatments require the use of acid which can end up in the soil. By contrast Agrismart does not harm the soil ecology or interfere with plant root function. With enough minerals present and in the right form, efficient transpiration within the plants causes sugars to be readily generated and easily mobilized, affecting flavour and quality. For similar reasons, an increase in the plant's resistance to disease and insect damage is observed. Many growers using Agrismart treatment are reporting significant increases in sugar levels allowing crops to be picked on the full with greater harvest tonnages.


Users observed reduce in livestock losses after installing agrismart on bore water that contains very high levels of salinity which proved to be dangerous. Improvements in egg shell quality are also seen. Users have installed units to control odours in stock effluent ponds, and to eliminate struvite from drains. In ponds, floating material has been flocculated without addition of flocculant. In aquaculture health and weight has been improved, water turnover time reduced, and filter replacement period doubled, thus halving cost and maintenance time. Beneficial effects on magnesium levels in muscles of racing animals and breeding animals have been recorded.


Agrismart uses generates computerised ULF&VLF to provide de-scaling and scale prevention. It acts on minerals to change large particles into tiny particles, and in doing so effectively prevents scale from forming, and removes existing scale. The effects of ULF treatment remain present in water for several days and progressively break down any already existing scale or bio-films. Agrismart also dissolves an array of minerals better than nature intended, and this is the basis of the growth advantage observed in crops grown under the treatment. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron are affected, and become available for crop growth. Large volumes of water can be treated because there are no filters required and accordingly no obstruction to flow rate.


Nutrient levels in harvested crops are enhanced by the use of ULF&VLF. This has been documented in tests over a period of more than a decade, and the Agrismart research program has federal approval to continue. Treated water enables plants to grow at salinities that nature never intended. Nutrients in irrigation water also become available due to treatment, while descaling action in watering systems leads to better flow and thus improved irrigation. Use of this technology enables you to turn fundamental physics against the challenges that you face in dry and challenging conditions so that both the land and you the grower come up winners. Agrismart offers the opportunity to make the most of the nutrients already on your property, thus reducing fertiliser costs. If you fertilise, less fertiliser is required than was required before, due to interactions of minerals with nitrogen and phosphorus inside the plants. Scientific trials have shown that crop systems with and without Agrismart perform radically differently; crops treated were alive and healthy, while those untreated were dead or unhealthy. PhD qualified testing associates have shown reductions in calcium particle size and dramatic improvements in crop weight and health.


Corrosion relies on precipitation of minerals on metal surfaces. By opposing precipitation, Agrismart controls corrosion. Additionally, existing precipitation can be cleared. As corrosion is neutralised, infrastructure such as pipes, taps, tanks, nozzles and valves not only last longer, but work better.