Consider the Benefits

  • improves the taste of domestic water supplies, makes great tea and coffee and keeps your kettle clean.
  • helps keep bathtub and shower walls clean with less scrubbing
  • dishwashers and washing machines remain clean and scale free, with less maintenance
  • less water spotting makes car washing easy
  • protects water heaters from corrosion, adds years to their lifetime,
  • reduces salt encrustation on air conditioners.
  • Softer water in shower and bath
  • Remove scale from taps, pipes, showers hence increase in pressure.
  • Lawns and gardens thrive using salty water
  • Fabrics are cleaner and softer, healthier skin
  • Longer life jugs, hot water systems & whitegoods
  • Sparkling crockery, cutlery and glassware.


removes calcium scale from exposed surfaces and from pipework and fittings. It dissolves the scale layer progressively, and also prevents further buildup of scale. orbitsmart breaks the bonds between minerals to soften water and remove scale from all downstream shower nozzles, taps, washers, pipe work and plumbing fixtures. The lifespan of heating elements and whitegoods is increased, often dramatically. The orbitsmart unit needs no maintenance.


Lawns and gardens improve on orbitsmart, when water is high in salt, bicarbonates, iron, magnesium or other minerals and compounds. The technology produces benefits to plants by delivering minerals and other nutrients more efficiently to roots. The scale formed on roots get removed up.Less fertiliser is required to achieve good growth after installation of orbitsmart. Scientific tests using orbitsmart have shown significant benefits for plant growth.


orbitsmart reduces spotting and stains on glassware, and on cutlery and crockery in the kitchen. Additionally, because orbitsmart produces softer water, it protects the dishwasher and maintains sinks in their best condition. Removal of scale and streaks means surfaces glow and sparkle.


Hard water contains high levels of minerals which interfere with lathering of soap. we get a immense feeling while bathing and conditioning the hair. By breaking up these minute mineral particles, lathering is greatly improved. Dishes, surfaces, and garments are more effectively cleaned when lather is present.Using


orbitsmart breaks the bond between minerals hence reducing the size of mineral particles, to give the best washing results ever. Minerals and dirt are no longer trapped in the garments, so the need for chemical fabric detergents and soap is reduced. After installation, softened water is now available at all the outlets in the home.

Lowered chemical uses:

Household cleaning products contain sodium hydroxide, lauryl sulfate and other strengthful chemicals. When water is high in minerals these cleaners combine with them to produce streaks and stains around the house. With orbitsmart, less cleaner is required, and streaking and staining are avoided. It is a simple, sustainable and effective approach to improving your home cleanliness. As well as using less chemicals, no filters and no maintenance are required, orbitsmart provides unlimited volumes of conditioned water to your home and garden.


The descaling action of orbitsmart consists of numerous benefits, such as reducing microbial stains and production. An increase in flowthrough of mineral particles in pipework results in reduction of bacterial and fungal growth in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Microbes require minerals as nutrients. With less minerals remaining in the pipework, microbial growth is retarded. As such orbitsmart augments your existing water purification or filtration system. When installed upstream of a filter it increases the life of the filter by preventing the filter clogging with minerals.


Algae are unsightly, and they feed off minerals present in your water. orbitsmart alters the ecology of biofilms, which can be found coating walls that are left damp, and which are also present in ponds and other water bodies. By shifting the equilibrium of the mineral and nutrient balance to enhance flowthrough, it has been found that orbitsmart can successfully treat problematic algae buildup, and can reduce or replace biofilms.


Removal of scale deposits deprives bacteria and parasites of a breeding ground. orbitsmart also treats shower and bathroom mould, and enhances the activity of detergents and cleaning agents. Users report improved hygiene and satisfaction in control of issues such as skin eczema, scalp dryness and hair dryness.


Corrosion relies on precipitation of minerals on metal surfaces. By opposing precipitation, orbitsmart controls corrosion. Additionally, existing precipitation can be cleared. As corrosion is neutralised, infrastructure such as pipes, taps, tanks, nozzles and valves not only last longer, but work better